Jun 242011
Currently, Medicare is on the table in Washington. The Democrats and the Republicans are looking at every program to find ways to cut costs and lowered the national deficit. Many senior citizens are worried about their Medicare and Social Security benefits. Having or getting supplemental health coverage may be a top priority for many of the seniors. Health insurance is never difficult to find, but is often difficult to get or afford. This usually stems from pre-existing conditions.  This is one of the reasons it is so important to get Medicare Supplement insurance while you guaranteed issue.  Senior citizens looking at getting supplemental health insurance, or regular health insurance may want to start by getting rate quotes from different health insurance providers. Rate quotes are easy to obtain and can take as little as 20 min. online.  Getting multiple rate quotes for health insurance and comparing them together is a good way to start looking for a cheaper or more affordable policy.  All the policies are standardized from each insurance company, so comparing them just shows which one is the cheapest for each coverage level you are interested in.  One thing nice about getting your quotes through Centaur Medicare Solutions is that you wont be bombarded with emails and calls from all the different companies.  We pull all the quotes and send them to you.  You will only be dealing with one agent and this service is free!
Joel Moyer