Sep 282011

United Healthcare and National Council n Aging (NCOA) released a study that showed that many Baby Boomer and seniors 65 and older find Medicare confusing and some said they don’t understand their benefits at all.  Not criticizing the study, I think it is important to have hard facts but just ask Continue reading »

Aug 092011

The debt deal signed into law on August 2 2011 has left a lot of Tennesseans unhappy.  Many of the politicians and people of Tennessee want deeper cuts to solve the US debt problem.  Many are also worried about funding for important programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other entitlement programs. Continue reading »

Aug 042011

When a person first looks at the Medicare Supplement plans available they immediately zero in on plan F. Plan F is the plan with all the boxes checked meaning it has the most complete coverage. Plan F is also the most popular plan available, but most popular does not always equate to the best deal. Continue reading »

Joel Moyer