Dec 052011

New Era Insurance Company has issued a rate increase in their Georgia Medicare supplement insurance.  Here is the breakdown:

  • Rate increase will be 6%
  • Plans effected are standard Plans A, C, F, G, and N
  • Effective date is January 1, 2012

Good news is that existing policyholders  on their initial 12 months will not receive the rate increase till after their initial 12 month period has ended.

Even with this 6% increase New Era will remain one of the lowest priced Medicare supplemental insurance companies in the state of Georgia.  Because New Era’s Georgia Medicare supplemental insurance is already so low this rate increase was likely expected by many and New Era will loose very few customers.

New Era Life Insurance Company

New Era pictureNew Era provides affordable insurance solutions that help you take control of your financial and health care future. Our quality products are backed by a commitment to keeping your insurance premiums stable and as low as possible. We are also devoted to superior customer service. When you call us, you will talk to a live person… a person who cares about helping you and your family. Continue reading »

Nov 252011
The 2012 Medicare Cost changes are out and they have as you can probably guess gone up.

Lets start of with the 2012 Medicare cost for Part B changes first as this is what most people are interested in.  Also here is the link to the 2012 Medicare and Me pdf manual.

The 2012 Medicare Part B premium will be $99.90.  That is up $3.50 from the standard rate of $96.40 for 2011.  That means you will pay $42 more in 2012 Medicare cost for Part B.  For most this was expected and the damage is not too bad.  The 2012 Medicare Part B deductible actually went down by $22 from $162 to $140.  Most will not see this savings though as it will be picked up by their supplemental insurance.  See the chart below taken straight from the website for all the adjusted gross income increases. Continue reading »

Nov 202011

Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance can be a source of frustration for People turning 65 as well as many seniors currently using the services. Medicare has its different parts and Medigap has its ten plans, most people don’t even consider issue age vs. attained age.

Issue age policies have the base price determined by the age you are when you purchase the policy and much more expensive when you first get them but are supposed to not go up in price as you age. Attained age policies determine the base price by the age you currently are. They are a lot less expensive while young but go up incrementally as you age.

Picture issue age vs attained ageI had a customer who was looking for Medicare supplemental insurance for his wife and himself ask me “would we be better off getting issue age policies so premiums won’t increase with age?” This was my response: Continue reading »

Joel Moyer