Sep 282011

United Healthcare and National Council n Aging (NCOA) released a study that showed that many Baby Boomer and seniors 65 and older find Medicare confusing and some said they don’t understand their benefits at all.  Not criticizing the study, I think it is important to have hard facts but just ask any independent agent and they could have told you that.  Explaining Medicare, Medigap, Medicare supplemental insurance, Medicare Advantage, Part A B C D, Plans A through N, etc.. is our daily routine and we still learn something new every now and then.

The study showed that 35% of boomers and senior did not understand Medicare very well and 16% say they don’t understand it at all!  The Study has a lot more detailed information some of it pretty interesting.  You can read about it from the NCOA website.

To combat the information gap on Medicare, NCOA and United Healthcare are going to host a series of educational meetings at senior community centers across the country and push public service announcements on TV and radio.  With annual election period about to begin for Part C and D there will be lots of information available for the next few months.

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