Jul 272011

With our Government forced into “tightening its belt” because of years of over spending many people are finding themselves suddenly dropped from their Medicare Advantage Plan.  The bad economic situation has caused many to move out of their Medicare Advantage area or to simply seek a less expensive plan.  If you find yourself in the situation of looking for a Medicare Supplement plan, Centaur Medicare Solutions can help. Choosing a Medicare Supplemental Plan can be very time consuming, annoying and possibly overwhelming for some, but because the premium that you pay can vary greatly, it is advantageous for you to compare plans.  One way to request quotes is by calling the individual insurance companies yourself and then making the comparison. Another option is to request quotes from an online website.  This will save you a lot of time but you must be very careful where you get your quotes from!  Many of the websites that come up in search engines will sell your information to multiple companies.  This means you will be getting a lot of phone calls and emails for the next couple of weeks by all the agents fighting for your business!  The best way is to request quotes for all the Medigap plans available in your area is directly from a single independent agency.  Centaur Medicare Solutions is an independent agency that will get you quotes without selling your information to anyone.  You will be dealing with only one agent!  When you find the plan you like we will mail you the application and track it till completion.  When your insurance company raises your rates in the future we can compare rates again and make sure you are always getting the best deal.  The best part is our services cost you nothing, not even postage!

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Joel Moyer