What is Business Continuation?


Businesses close. It happens all the time. Not for lack of business, good employees, or good products – it’s for a lack of proper Business Continuation planning in the event of the death of an owner.

Whether you plan on selling your business, transferring it to your family, offering it to your employees or closing the doors, you should plan for the unexpected death, disability, or incapacity of the business owner(s) and key employees to ensure an orderly transition of the business occurs.

What should be included in Continuation Planning?

Business Continuation planning with business owners should take into account transfers to family members, buyouts of partners or key executives, retirement, sale, death and disability. Without proper planning, your business may have to lay off employees, declare bankruptcy, liquidate assets, and leave creditors knocking on your door.

What are my options?

A simple and cost effective way to bridge these potential gaps and provide continuity to your business is through the use of life, disability and/or critical illness insurance.

To get started, decide which column you prefer for your exit strategy:

With Planning Without Planning
  1. Orderly Transfer to
    Family / Heirs
  2. Pre-planned Retirement
  3. Structured Employee or Third Party Buyout
  4. Orderly closing of the Business
  1. Forced sale
  2. Laying off employees
  3. Bankruptcy
  4. Total liquidation

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Joel Moyer