Nov 142012

Helping customers find the Medicare supplemental insurance that they want and best meets their needs is what makes Centaur Medicare Solutions successful.  Our agents do not push insurance we help customers find insurance.  Just yesterday one of our customers in Georgia happily closed on a Medigap Plan F with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia.Blue Cross Blue Shiel of Georgia logo  The customer asked for the quotes.  After receiving the quotes, he emailed back asking for the lowest priced plan that participated in the Silver Sneakers fitness program.  The customer chose Blue Cross Blue shield of Georgia because of their quality reputation and the services they provide. Our agents are licensed with many insurance companies and in many states so we don’t have an agenda like captured agents that work for a single insurance company.  Plus you can feel safe using our website to request quotes.  Unlike many of the insurance websites, this is not a “leads farm” and we do not sell or give your information to multiple insurance agents. We do not want our customers to be harassed by an avalanche of insurance agents trying to contact them.  Request your quotes today.

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