Nov 252011
The 2012 Medicare Cost changes are out and they have as you can probably guess gone up.

Lets start of with the 2012 Medicare cost for Part B changes first as this is what most people are interested in.  Also here is the link to the 2012 Medicare and Me pdf manual.

The 2012 Medicare Part B premium will be $99.90.  That is up $3.50 from the standard rate of $96.40 for 2011.  That means you will pay $42 more in 2012 Medicare cost for Part B.  For most this was expected and the damage is not too bad.  The 2012 Medicare Part B deductible actually went down by $22 from $162 to $140.  Most will not see this savings though as it will be picked up by their supplemental insurance.  See the chart below taken straight from the website for all the adjusted gross income increases. Continue reading »

Jun 232011
  1. Are you overwhelmed with a stack of explanation of benefit forms that you can’t decipher?
  2. Do you have a lot of out-of-network medical expenses?
  3. Are you getting medical bills – with no way of knowing they are correct?
  4. Has your insurance company denied your medical claims?
  5. Is your life so busy that you need just plain need a little help?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, Continue reading »