Jun 232011
  1. Are you overwhelmed with a stack of explanation of benefit forms that you can’t decipher?
  2. Do you have a lot of out-of-network medical expenses?
  3. Are you getting medical bills – with no way of knowing they are correct?
  4. Has your insurance company denied your medical claims?
  5. Is your life so busy that you need just plain need a little help?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, consulting with a medical insurance specialist is highly recommended. Medical Billing Advocacy of the Rockies provides a free initial consultation to review the facts of your individual situation and will determine your needs, and recommend a course of action to solve your insurance issues.

“After spending 10 years in the health insurance field working for a major health insurance company, I saw a critical need for this service. Learning and dissecting the healthcare jargon and codes is not something the general population can do, nor has the time to do”, says Holly Knapp, President of Medical Billing Advocacy of the Rockies, LLC.

According to Ms. Knapp, some of the common questions from her clients are:

“How can I tell if my medical bills are correct”
“How do I know if my insurance company has paid everything they should?”
“How do I know that I am paying what I truly owe?”

The job of a medical insurance specialist is to sort out the facts, review itemized doctor and hospital bills, insurance benefit statements, and medical records. “This comprehensive review helps you get fair treatment in a complex and confusing health care system and assures you of a true and accurate bill”, according to Ms. Knapp. Ms. Knapp advocates on behalf of her clients to get them the benefits they deserve, as she resolve billing errors, eliminate overcharges, and negotiate bill reductions.

Medical insurance specialists are experienced in helping chronically ill individuals and/or families caring for a chronically ill child, or spouse. According to Ms. Knapp, “When families are dealing with significant health issues, the burden of fighting with insurance companies and health care providers to make sure bills are correct, and properly processed by the insurance company is one more stress they don’t need to deal with at a very difficult time in their lives. An insurance specialist can step in to manage the process, and allow you to focus on caring for your loved ones.”

In addition, for seniors who are confused by the complexity of Medicare supplement policies and Medicare Part D drug plans, medical insurance specialists can provide advice and enrollment assistance in a plan that will provide the greatest benefit at the lowest cost.

A recent article published by the Wall Street Journal, How to Fight a Bogus Bill states that many medical bills contain errors and these that many of these errors go undetected. The article suggests that up to 80% of medical bills contain errors.  In addition, consumers are being sent to collection due to filing errors.  They also offer tips on the best methods to resolve medical billing and insurance issues. An empowered consumer can fight back, stand up for their rights and get medical billing and insurance errors corrected.
Holly Knapp is a member of a national organization of medical billing advocates – Medical Billing Advocates of America (MBAA). Advocates come from a variety of backgrounds: health insurance, nurses, lawyers, certified medical coders, and health care administrators. Members support each other in their common goal of a fair and true medical bill, by sharing knowledge and skills as they work together on difficult cases.

Accessibility is a key aspect of Ms. Knapp’s services. Her expertise in medical insurance specialist services is only a phone call away. Your initial telephone consultation is free.

For more information contact:

Holly Knapp
Medical Billing Advocacy of the Rockies, LLC (MBAR)
511 Marcellina Drive
Loveland, CO 80537
Phone: 970.663.1735
Email: Holly@medbillhelp.com
Website: www.medbillhelp.com


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